Vermicompost Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors In India

The very first picture that comes to our mind, when we talk about earthworms is that of a creepy crawly creature. We fail to realize that these crawling invertebrates play a master role in improving the entire soil ecosystem. It may take over centuries for Mother Nature to produce a layer of topsoil. But, it has been observed that under suitable conditions, earthworms can quicken up this process of production to about 5 years or so. Farmers all over the world, use this miraculous soil animal to fertilize their soil for a better productivity of crops. Earthworms not only increase the fertility of the soil but they also increase the availability of nutrients for plants, mix and till the soil, recycle the organic material and in overall improves the structure of the soil. Therefore, earthworms are rightly called the best –friend of a farmer.

Where To Buy Live Earthworms For Vermicomposting?

The practice of Vermiculture is an ancient one. After the discovery of the significance of these surface dwellers, this art of raising earthworms to sell it to the farmers and other consumers has gradually turned into a billion dollar business over a period of time.

Whether it is a Red Wiggler or a Tiger Worm, one can purchase any breed of earthworms from the local suppliers or can simply place an order online. Nowadays, there are a plenty of well-known online sites dealing with worms. But, if you are not comfortable with the idea of online shopping of worms, then you might want to check out the local worm farms or the suppliers, and even the bait shops as earthworms serve as a great bait for fishes. If you are unaware of the worm manufacturers in or near your area, you may take the help of Google or Yellow Pages.

Vermicompost Manufacturers In India

When it comes to the ‘wormy’ affair, India is definitely not left behind. In competition with the other countries around the world, India has its own share of contribution to the vermicompost business. In fact, India has got a few of the largest exporters of vermicompost in the word. One of the leading manufacturers of vermicompost is from India, itself. Morarka Foundation alone produces over 50,000 metric tons of Vermicompost per month and has over 100,000 hectares of land under its production. It claims to have become the ‘the single largest producer of vermicompost in the world.’ Apart from the Morarkas, there are a plenty of renowned suppliers functioning from all over India supplying tons and tons of fine quality vermicompost every year.

To start with we have the famous Vanashree Agriculture Pvt Ltd, operating from Pune. They provide one of the best quality vermicompost available in India at a very reasonable rate. Other well-known manufacturers may include, Vaibhavi in Jaipur, Pioneer Agro Industry in  Tamil Nadu, Gujarat Craft Industries Limited in Gujarat, Ecomatrix Nutrients in Dewas, Mani Agro Chemicals in Indore, Mitushi Biopharma in Ahmedabad and Greenfield Agro Forestry Products in Madhya Pradesh. These are only a few of the largest manufacturers among the hundreds of companies operating in India. There are a plenty of both small and big enterprises involved in the vermicompost business. These vermicompost companies have been spread like a spider web all over India.

Thus, we can conclude that these little creatures not only help to better our ecosystem but also serve as a great source of income for thousands of people all around the world. But, if you are to use earthworms to improve the condition of the soil, make sure you provide them with enough food and moisture. Only then can you gain profits from the activities of these little ploughmen of the soil.